An Innocent Man

The irony of the title of this episode didn’t hit me until just now. 🙂 You’ll see what I mean.

Well, the scenes where he’s taking care of Diggle and making sure he doesn’t die when he’d simply been trying to do his job were another way of taking the title to the episode. Seeing Oliver use the same stuff he’d administered to himself after being shot in the previous episode (forgot that first!) was some nice follow-up. And Oliver finding the consequences of someone not taking his secret very well was also good. Clearly, not smooth sailing.

Oliver using Laurel to help Declan as the Hood was interesting to watch. Finally, it made sense to me why they made her a lawyer, since I spent the first season up to this point wondering that very thing. It’s not that she wasn’t good at her job, she just wasn’t the Dinah Laurel Lance I was expecting. Her working with the Hood predictably gets her in trouble with Dad, who accuses her of being into bad boys. While I have no doubt she wants to do the right thing, I think he might have a small point. First Oliver, then Tommy, now consenting to work for the Hood. Of course, then she sees him kill and she’s not too happy about that.  I’d forgotten how fraught this season was for team-ups…

Is it just me, or did Oliver treat Diggle’s replacement (after he quits, ouch) worse than he did Diggle? I’m thinking he at least respected Dig, even before he let him in on his secret. This guy, not so much. Poor man. Again, seeing a pattern with Oliver and his partners.

His relationship with Thea appeared to be improving. At least, she’s not as snippy and actually tries to help him with Laurel. Even if she doesn’t know how he’s applying her words of wisdom. It’s moments like this that make me want to smack her so hard in her bratty moments. She obviously knows better, she’s just not good at handling her emotions. Hmm. Must run in the family.

A team-up that actually goes well would be Walter and Felicity. 🙂 Well, kinda. She’s furious she might be fired at first, which shows that they’ve actually been very consistant in how they’ve portrayed her character over three seasons. She was willing to tell Walter what she thought of that decision, only to find out yet another man wants to use her brain to figure something out, though admittedly Walter has a more legitimate (as in, legal) reason for doing so. She finds a warehouse purchased with funds that went missing… and he finds the Queen’s Gambit. As one woman gains his trust, another begins to lose it.

Diggle agrees to help Oliver after talking with Carly about how he felt better when he felt what he was doing had real meaning, back in the military. Only to, minutes later, watch as Oliver gets arrested by an enthusiastic Lance for being the vigilante. Just going to bring up this point: Due to his personal stake in the case, shouldn’t he not be the one to do that? Anyway…

Oliver telling Diggle about his father probably helped, though his telling Oliver he’s not a soldier was a great moment. Just a ‘knowing-what-I-know-now’ moment while watching this develop into the bromance we all know and love.

And, of course, we have Oliver’s first kill. I love how the bird was the first thing he has to kill, and the reason why. Yao Fei  knows what Oliver is up against, and we can clearly see why he makes it a point to force Oliver to take that step. This part was actually very well done, and I liked that they eased him into it like that. A bird is very different from a human being, but if he can’t even kill an animal, he’s not going to survive on Lian Yu, and Yao Fei knows that. Brutal, but a good call.

Some fun moments:

-The ditching of the replacement. Shouldn’t he have seen that coming, since he’d heard of Oliver’s habits? Not ready for the private sector, he.

-How he delivered the file to Laural. I chuckled. I missed the levity this last season, and I love how there was some here.

-“She seems like a woman who would hyphenate.” The beginning of the Felicity quotables. To be fair, that started last episode, but I feel her ‘Really, bro?’ look was one of the best parts of that scene, as well as his smile. Another moment where I found he probably still had a sense of humor left.

One last thing of note: Malcolm. He only had a small moment in this episode, but we learned what was up with Moira and why she was acting the way she was. This was a great set-up for what to expect later in the season.

Oliver is in the habit of playing deep, and I loved rediscovering that. More on that in the next entry.



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