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The title kinda says it all on this one. Some very different legacies displayed here.

The first being the Royal Flush Gang. I admit, I wasn’t really a fan, but then, I was introduced to them via Batman Beyond back in the day, so, that could be why. I’m sympathetic to the dad, who in the end regrets pulling his sons into the life they led out of desperation. Though it did lead to a bit of a moment for Oliver, being the poor guy’s ‘confessor’.

This, of course, brings us to Oliver and his ‘father’. The flashbacks with the hallucinations and the present day where he finds himself trying to clean up his father’s messes was definitely powerful. All he wants is to do right by his father’s memory, but it seems that there is more to what Robert Queen left behind than he thought. This was his turning point from a mere vigilante crossing names off a list to becoming the hero he was destined to be. There was far more to his mission than he thought and I’m glad they found a way to transition him naturally into that role.

And what post about family would be complete without a visit to the Queen home? I know that Moira was trying to distract herself from Walter’s ‘business trip’, but I think in a way she was trying to assert her own dreams for the Queen Family Legacy onto Oliver and it just didn’t work. I liked seeing that Oliver and Moira were able to bond over burgers and fries, which was awesome for many reasons, but over and above all, because they were able to be mother and son for once.

In speaking of family, we have Thea. This poor girl. Tommy comes to her for help after Laurel gets annoyed with him again (because losing your biggest donor has pulled out is more important than a rooftop rendezvous), and finding out she wasn’t the girl he wanted to impress was probably what led her to drink. Part of me is still a little sad he never got to find out that her feeling like his sister was more natural than he thought, though. We’ll never have that scene, now. I feel robbed.

Tommy and Laurel acting more like a couple was worth waiting for. I kept shipping them more and more as the series went on, just because he was being such a good guy. Again, Oliver was not stepping up to bat for his own reasons, so I thought she deserved happiness. If I’m mad at the writers over anything, it’s what they did to poor Tommy. Though I guess that could be a credit to their writing. *grumblemumble*

Diggle coercing Oliver into straying from his father’s list was great. 🙂 Tricking him into meeting the victims worked wonders, and it paid dividends in terms of Oliver expanding his horizons. If there’s a character who’s earned the love of the entire fandom, it’s Diggle. And this episode showed us why.

Felicity, the not-naive IT girl, sees a pattern as she works with Oliver to find an ‘old friend’ of his. They did a very good job keeping up the idea that Oliver is a horrible liar, and showing that Felicity never actually bought was he was selling, crush or not. Never a dumb girl.

One last bit on Laurel: her initial distrust of Tommy’s intentions regarding the CNRI gala speaks to their former relationship, and how trying to forge emotional intimacy after physical intimacy can be challenging. I think she’s learning to trust him, though it’s taking some time. In order to preserve her legacy (title again), she lets Joanna talk her into letting Tommy help, and it works in her favor. They’re still going to have a ways to go, but I was hopeful at this point that they could make it work. Sorry, I’ll get off my soapbox, now.

Some fun quotables:

“Snap.” “No one says that anymore.”

“For all our sakes, start reading US Weekly.”

So, legacies are redefined, missions are expanding, and the show keeps getting better. Next up? Huntress!



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