Well, That Just Happened

I’m back. 🙂 I’m adding Twitter and tumblr to my list of places to avoid, now. And I promise to be more on top of it, this year. Due in great part to making this my NaNo for Camp NaNo this year, I think I can safely see this as added motivation to continue. Also, I will start publicizing my blog. I wasn’t before because I feared backlash, but I’m not afraid of that anymore. Come what may, I’m ready to get back to business.

I hope I can coax the few that followed me to come back and rejoin my journey as Camp NaNo starts tomorrow. There’s more than enough negativity about the show right now, on all sides. I hope to get back to what’s positive about the show.

If you’re with me, thank you. If not, thank you for giving me a chance in the first place.


Published by: briggslianyublog

A DC fan since the age of 9, comic fan since 13, and fan of Arrow since the pilot. Excited for Season 5. I work as a hostess in a restaurant, write fic for obscure romances like GoldenVibe, and am sometimes buried in yarn projects. Well, you know, sometimes you have to take out a few rows to fix a glaring problem...

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