Year’s End

I looked at the… extensive notes I took for this episode and promptly had a panic attack. Then I calmed down and pulled out my highlighters to simplify things. So this episode’s recap comes to you in five colors: Green, Yellow, Blue, Pink and Orange. 🙂

Yes, I needed all five. No, I have no shame over this.

Brace yourselves, this is going to be a long one.


This episode actually starts with Adam Hunt being killed by an unknown archer. In spite of the arrows used in the murder, Lance knows it’s a copycat because they’re black, not green. (Small side note: Sara’s death mirrors this in that three were used to kill both. Love that it’s consistent, but very dark.) When another crook is killed by the same guy, Lance gives The Hood an ultimatum – find the guy doing this by Christmas, or be arrested. Because, ironically, Lance is the only cop who doesn’t believe it’s him. Of course, The Hood rescues the cops from a trap later in the episode, but still. One would think you’d listen to the guy who’s been on The Hood’s tail since he showed up…


Yes, this is Felicity. LOL Who else would it be?

Felicity lets Walter know there’s overlap in the people in ‘their’ book and the people The Hood has targeted. Significant detail. Her phone call to him later in the episode ends before Walter gets snatched, which ends her involvement with Walter via The List.

But, as anyone who watched the first season knows, Felicity is one busy girl. Oliver startles her in her office and hands her one of the  copycat’s arrows, to try and discover it’s origin. She finds it for him, he calls her remarkable for the first time, and we find out she’s Jewish. Happy Hanukkah. I hope these small ‘discovery’ moments make a return in Season 5. They were a lot fun.


This one is Oliver. As if there were any doubt. 🙂

Oliver is reminded that Christmas is, indeed, still a thing. 🙂 Diggle suggests that he spend it with his family, which really should have been obvious, but it’s Oliver.

He came back in time for the dinner party, where Malcolm, of all people, name drops Green Arrow. Oliver calls it lame, and I really wish they’d brought this back in later seasons, but that just didn’t happen. Seriously, guys?

The Hood once again involves Lance in his investigations, and I admit to being amazed Lance cooperates. I mean, didn’t this guy once pin him to a police car? But I guess it’s a ‘biding my time until I can grab him’ mentality. Despite all the good he’s doing, The Hood, is still a criminal.

Oliver meets Thea’s boytoy- I mean, boyfriend. I know, I know, but he’s really only here for one episode, so it’s hard to take the relationship seriously. 🙂 He does the over-protective brother thing, and gets informed that they’ve been ‘skipping’ Christmas since the Gambit went down. Oliver then decides to throw the first Queen Family Christmas Party in years.


This is for family. There was quite a bit of overlap, so this is more than just Oliver’s family.

That being said, Oliver and Thea. LOL Their cute little scene where they talk about candy canes and holidays past was heartwarming and wonderful. I’m glad that the writers and Willa and Stephen have continued to build on this relationship.

Remember Walter disappearing after his phone call to Felicity? Probably due to his talking to Doug Miller, a name on The List. Malcolm warns Moira to tell him to back off, and Moira tries, but Walter is kidnapped, anyway.

Speaking of Malcolm, he’s definitely not winning any ‘Father of the Year’ awards. And he hasn’t done much to really rectify this in the years since, which means we really should have taken his treatment of Tommy a lot more seriously than I initially did. I thought he was simply being very demanding. Now I know he’s a psychopath. Further reinforced, of course, when we find out he’s the Dark Archer. And thus begins his journey into being a more interesting villain.

Oh, and the plan he has with Moira? Will cause 1000’s of deaths. In the Glades. Are we getting the feeling this Christmas won’t be very merry for Oliver?

Tommy and Laurel come to the Queen Christmas Party, and I’m still stuck wondering why we were supposed to root for Oliver and Laurel. It was hard to find a lot that was appealing about this, and part of it comes down to chemistry. It was simply better with Tommy, for me. And he was trying to be better for her. Again, Oliver is not.

Ah, and there’s Oliver catching Thea with her boyfriend in a compromising position. All Oliver really wants is a nice family Christmas, but Thea is having none of it. Her reasoning makes sense, but poor Oliver. Is no one going to cut the guy any slack for his time away from home?

The Copycat certainly isn’t, since he uses the opportunity to kidnap some people and consequently, Oliver has to leave the party, anyway.


Remember when The Hood rescues the police? That had a personal cost, and Oliver has to call Dig, who grabs him and makes up a story about Oliver being in a motorcycle accident. You know, because being around his family during the holiday season got to be a bit much for him. This has a happy ending, though, because Oliver gets to bond with his sister again over candy canes. Merry Christmas, Oliver.

While he’s feeling sorry for himself later, having ‘failed [his] city’, he finds out that his father is not the author of the list – someone else is. He vows to take down whoever did. End of present day happenings for the episode.


Now for flashbacks. Yeah, I know. Just bear with me.

Yao Fei and Oliver reunite – adding in Oliver’s torturer for good measure. But also presented is a way off the island. This is the start of Oliver constantly getting screwed over in the flashbacks in regards to his getting off the island or going home. It really becomes a theme, due in large part to the timeline. Oliver really can’t come back  until five years has passed, so we know anything in the flashbacks is going to end badly. This is a bit of a double-edged sword when it comes to writing, but that’ll come up in later posts.

As it turns out, Lian Yu was a Chinese prison of sorts, leading us to wonder what Yao Fei did to wind up on the island in the first place. He’s complicated, yes, but he’s still a good guy, so maybe he’s an enemy of the state? I’ve been listening to old podcasts, and there was a theory he was a vigilante in China. While I think this unlikely, it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Still, one more reason to wonder about Yao Fei.

Oh, and of course Simon springs a trap on the island and while Oliver watches helplessly, Yao Fei gets taken prisoner. End of flashbacks.

I hope this made sense. LOL You don’t realize how interconnected everything is until you try to deconstruct and analyze it bit by bit. The main theme for this one was that the people closest to you are the ones with the most secrets, both past and present, and they did a marvelous job of pulling that off. I think the whole color-coded thing is working well for my posting, however, so I think I’ll keep doing it.

Next episode is Burned, and I promise, I’ll stop being so negative about Oliver and Laurel in the next one. This is supposed to be a positive blog. See you next time.


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